Who Hacked the Canary Party?

Have you heard of the Canary Party? They are the world’s only political party whose platform rests on being against vaccines. This political party, run by the same people who run a bunch of other anti-vaccine groups, is based in my home state and headed by someone who contributes large amounts of money to political campaigns across the country. From my best estimate, they would like the government to hold hearings where Canary Partiers could testify and spout their conspiracy theories in front of legislators in order to make their YouTube videos* look very official and scare unsuspecting parents away from vaccinating.

So why does Google think they have been hacked?

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.03.42 PM

I went to the website [hyperlink goes to a Do Not Link site], and it appears to be all the same stuff with no additional not anti-vaccine stuff that might occur had they actually been hacked.

Someone with technical skill might know what is going on. I do not. But here are some completely wild guesses about what Google might thinking when declaring the site hacked:

  • The website is from Bizarro-land. They can’t really mean all that stuff, can they? (Sorry, Google. They can.)
  • They have a hundred different people posting whatever they want on the website, and Google suspects that such a network is suspicious.
  • Google is worried about viruses spreading. Computer viruses, I mean. I’m worried about the other viruses.

Anyone have any real insights?

*This YouTube video links to a pro-vaccine doctor giving accurate information. No point in giving their anti-vaccine videos free press.