Comment Policy

Comments are great. Comment sections are home to great discussions. Have at it. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me or bringing up an interesting counterpoint. That’s how great discussions begin.

I ask that people refrain from personal attacks and ableism.

Since this is my personal space and is disconnected from the many, many other discussions I end up moderating, I am likely to have far less patience for comments. I might delete your comment for no reason and never tell you why. I might not. It’s sort of a non-policy policy, and that’s fine by me.

One thought on “Comment Policy

  1. AS a RN working in women’s health I felt incredibly driven to speak in a “anti-vacc” forum. I have just cared for a second newborn who passed from pertussis. I ask you alll. Would you take a immunization that protected against breast cancer? What about Alzheimer’s? A generation ago people DIED from these things that are preventable. Are there risks of vaccines… YES. But please… video of children with theses MMR, DTP, polio. We are so blessed to not have friends and family suffering with these. If your fully informed choice is to organically naturally keep your child open to risk. Please consider my child’s risk of not having that option to elect vaccination home school your children, love them up. God bless you all!
    Do me a favor however….. don’t come running in to my work and exposing every mother father child doctor nurse receptionist housekeeper and patient. Choose a organic natural recovery at home.


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