Anti-Vaccine Continuing Education Credits

Arizona pediatrician Dr. Chris Hickie decided to find out just how hard it would be to get so-called continuing education credits from an anti-vaccine chiropractor. He was awarded this certificate, but don’t worry. he has no intention of claiming this CE:


You might ask, how hard did Dr. Hickie need to work to complete these 8 hours of continuing education? Let’s see if you can guess which answer reflects the amount of work involved in 8 hours of continuing anti-vaccine education.

  1. He spent 8 hours in a classroom with Tim O’Shea DC, at the end of which he was required to pass a multi-question quiz.
  2. He spent 8 hours working at an online module and completing quizzes in order to matriculate through each portion.
  3. He answered one question about mercury at the end of the last video, completing the entire 8 hours in approximately 30 seconds.

Thank you to Dr. Hickie for going through the trouble of exposing this sham continuing education and for allowing me to post his certificate online.