Anti-Vaxxers Dox a Child

One particularly vile and unethical way of shutting down opposition is to make public personal information about someone whose ideas oppose yours. Sometimes doxing comes with the presumption that others will then follow up by contacting and harassing that person. Often the defense on the part of the doxer is that the doxee’s information is already available online. However, giving that information to people who are ideologically opposed to someone makes that person a target, and thus doxxing becomes horrible and awful and you should never do it.

So why is it happening to a child? I guess the answer, if you don’t want to read any further, is that anti-vaxxers are narrowly hellbent on defeating anyone who champions vaccines that they don’t see a child as a child, a human, an actual person who should be off limits to harassment. Marco Arturo, whose adorable satirical video purporting to show all the evidence that vaccines cause autism (Spoiler: he reveals an empty folder), has become the target of Levi Quackenboss‘s doxing.*

I’m upset, my friends. And that’s really the motivation behind this post. However, because I don’t want to further the doxing and harassment, I won’t link to the blog post in mine.  But here you have a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 5.07.13 PM

In one particularly hypocritical point, “Levi Quackenboss” writes:

So who is Marco?  I’m not going to post his full name out of respect for him and his parents as well as their safety, but they’ve been a little sloppy about making trails to it so they should clean that up. The last names his parents use are not the name that he uses on social media.

Why is this hypocritical, you ask? You will notice that everyone who responds to “Levi Quackenboss” calls her she and her, not he or him–as you would expect with a man named Levi. Guess what. Levi Quackenboss is not the blogger’s real name! Oh shocking! (Or actually not at all.

Although, as a side note, I was irked that “Levi Quackenboss” used one of her pseudonyms to testify in front of a Colorado congressional hearing. Her testimony consisted of showing memes that Voices for Vaccines had made and making false and disparaging remarks about the organization and the Colorado VFV Parent Advisory Board member who was in attendance. She does seem to hide behind fake names to say horrible things.

A second aside, amazeball epidemiologist and awesome guy, Rene Najera points out this Picasso’s full name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. So yeah. Marco didn’t use his full name.

“Levi” concludes her doxing piece against a child with this bit a conspiracy paranoia:

One thing is obvious, though: Marco isn’t just some random unknown kid when his parents have connections with the Mexican government and Walgreens is on standby with a celebrity media company to sponsor his pro-vaccine video.

Yes, because children of lobbyists never make videos and don’t have opinions. And Walgreens and Ashton Kutcher are apparently in on the conspiracy–along with the Mexican government–to cover up the vaccine-autism connection championed by such savory characters as Andrew Wakefield. People who believe this are really the same sorts of people who believe that Tupac is still alive and that 9/11 was an inside job.

This entire affair brought to mind an experience I had with a viral blog post and doxing. In December 2013, my organization (Voices for Vaccines) published a piece by Amy Parker titled “Growing Up Unvaccinated.” I actually hadn’t realized it was going viral until our website crashed and I was unable to access my email. Like Marco’s simple and marvelous piece, Amy Parker’s struck a nerve both among pro- and anti-vaxxers.

And the anti-vaxxers immediately pounce in some of the most despicable and horrible ways possible. They began by taking to Google and discovered someone named Amy Parker Fiebekorn who worked at the CDC. They immediately decided that because Amy Parker is such an unusual name that this CDC Amy Parker, and not the one from the UK whose actual biography we gave, was the true author of “Growing Up Unvaccinated.” You know–because if we went to the trouble of tricking people by secretly publishing a piece by someone at the CDC, we wouldn’t bother changing her name. This myth persists to the day and will pop up if you Google “Growing Up Unvaccinated Fake.”

Others were not satisfied and decided that perhaps Amy Parker didn’t work at the CDC. So they tracked her down. They found her profile and her mother’s Facebook profile. Some sent PMs. They found Amy’s cell phone number, and some began texting her. They found a video where she discusses her struggles with mental health issues and posted it publicly, as if to shame her with the stigma of mental illness. In one forum, one woman (who, by the way, makes a living teaching online classes about the dangers of vaccines), discussed paying her a visit:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 5.32.02 PM

Amy Parker (the real one) had to shut down her Facebook page and take down her business page (which included her phone number). To make matters worse, the doxing and harassment came as she welcomed a new baby into her family.

Doxing has real consequences, and an adult shouldn’t have to deal with those consequences, but a child really, really should not have to. The doxing of Marco Arturo is despicable and has to stop now.

All this because a child made a satirical video. Grow up, anti-vaxxers. If you disagree with him, discuss your disagreement. Don’t disparage and harass a child.

*ETA: The doxing included in the Quackenboss post included the names of his stepfather and his mother and some employment information regarding his stepfather. A screenshot of the stepfather’s Facebook page included the name of their hometown. This information not only makes it easy to harass Marco and his family, but collating together could incite that harassment. 

27 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers Dox a Child

  1. You would think that people putting such an emphasis on the role of parents would seek to protect a child.

    You would think adults would know this is unacceptable.

    I hope most do. Apparently some – the blogger and those who share this – do not.

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    • The Anti-vaxxers are just the absolute worst. Personally I like to call them by another name: terrorists. What anti-vaxxers do to their kids – through their own ignorance and no fault of the kid – is turn their children into literal biological bombs. They send their unvaccinated kids into a public school – a kid, it turns out, who had pertussis and all of a sudden 150 other kids potentially have it as well. They close the school down and now hundreds of kids are missing school because they might have a disease that was near extinct save for the fact that these anti-vaxxer terrorists insist on bringing it back. I feel that people who choose not to vaccinate their kids (save for medical reasons) and who bring their children to school where it’s discovered their child gave measles or pertussis or whatever to the kids there should be tried as a domestic terrorist. If that’s the choice they want to make then let them – but do make sure their punishment fits the crime. Diseases are nothing to be messed around with and it’s time we put these terrorists behind bars and adopt policy to ensure we keep the vaccination rates as high as they can be.


      • Worse than rapists and killers?
        As bad as terrorists?
        Too much!

        Diseases exist, though we of course minimise them.
        Lessons should be learn from historic antibiotic evangelism.

        Herd immunity would protect against ‘the biological time bombs’, however selfish that is ; your emotive disruption example would only work in an unvaccinated community.

        The point about doxxing is very true, both ways.
        Anti science folk are often uninformed, misinformed or quite possible wilfully stupid. I would reserve the doxxing only for the latter.

        Some antiscience folk I’ve encountered do love to exude intolerance , derision and insult to control the parameters of a discussion. Doesn’t teach much.
        Non dox respect must also be applied to people who hold faith based beliefs too, if they are not defining them in a faux scientific fashion.

        Gonna be contentious….don’t see why ‘ aw he is little ‘ makes a difference. If you offer it up, you gotta expect someone to react.
        The ‘kid factor’ was used superbly to emphasise the simplicity of the message. He can’t then hide behind that fact.
        I am assuming he has the maturity to just walk away, lesson learnt. Haters gonna hate x


  2. OMG. This is totally unacceptable. First, doxxing is never acceptable, but especially when it’s a child. WTF is WRONG with these people??

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  3. You you poor thing, what you fail to realise is that doxing is the ONLY thing they have, if can’t dox people then they have nothing. When they have nothing they have to shut the hell up and you won’t see them doing that any time soon so the despicable doxing will continue.


  4. Far as I’m concerned, children are off limits, and I’m angered the lunatic fringe antivaxxers are harassing this wonderful boy. Thank you for your timely article which I’ll be sharing.

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  5. This is despicable, should be illegal, in same field as child exploitation. I’m disgusted anyone would exploit a child, especially in anger. I hope they get charged and jailed.

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  6. Did Quackenboss provide information about the child’s home address? The child’s real name? Who his parents were? Any information about who the child is or where the child lives/goes to school, etc? Was any of that information publicly available?

    If it wasn’t private or if it doesn’t fit in any of the criteria I mentioned above, then it isn’t doxxing.


    • She provided his stepfather’s name and employment information along with a screenshot of the stepfather’s Facebook profile.

      Most of our information isn’t truly private, but collating it together and presenting it to people ideologically opposed incites harassment. This is why I compared this incident to the Any Parker incident.

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      • A few years ago, an enterprising individual not only doxed me, but also threatened to kill everyone in my home.
        As I’ve never reacted well to threats and especially threats against my family, I properly introduced myself and my former occupation to the individual, explaining that courtesy of his mommy and daddy’s tax dollars, I am a small arms expert and proficient at hand to hand combat, am a military retiree with SF experience and that should he exercise the poorest of judgement as to enter my home, he’d depart in two bags and I’d use a firearm only if I were feeling charitable, which was unlikely.
        For some reason, he decided to break contact with me.

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    • As the blog post points out, you can dox with publicly available information:

      “Doxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents),[1] or doxxing,[2][3] is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting personally identifiable information about an individual.[3][4][5][6]

      The methods employed to acquire this information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (like Facebook), hacking, and social engineering.”

      The blogger posts a screenshot that she claims is from Marco’s mother Youtube channel, with a name. it gives a screenshot of a Facebook page that is allegedly Marco’s stepfather. And more.

      It’s doxxing. I hope you will agree, given that, that it’s unacceptable.

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      • It’s doxxing. I hope you will agree, given that, that it’s unacceptable.

        I dunno. I have no problem with, say, pointing to “Levi’s”* bar number.

        * I’m sure you would recognize some of the pile of pseudonyms.


      • I would not publish that publicly either without strong grounds for a professional complaint. Even then I’m more likely to just file one.


    • Sorry, an addition. She also posts Marco’s mother’s name and, in that Facebook screenshot of his stepfather’s profile, his hometown. So I’ll stand by my assertion that this is doxing.

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  7. I am still baffled as to what is the agenda of someone like Quackenboss? What does she get out of this? People like Mercola, Mike Adams, Vani Hari, I understand (if despise) as they are selling their bogus alternatives and making a buck off of their BS. What is the motivation here? Is it just to “be right”? Sorry but her latest attack on Marco makes her the antithesis of right. #Isupportmarco

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  8. I am not Mexican or of Mexican origin, but I remember from my old job at the county health department that having a mother, father and children show up with three separate names is normal.

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  9. These people are just beyond disgusting, with gaping holes where their hearts should be. Normal people don’t think it’s acceptable to bully a child or dox anyone. I wonder if all these obsessed AVers were spoilt children used to always getting their way, and now strike out in such nasty ways when anyone dares say they’re wrong. It’s morally reprehensible enough when people dox other adults, but it’s even more criminal and foul when it’d done to a child.

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  10. wow you are a basic writer. attack a blog when its clear this kids parents are the ones that put him up to this. This 12 yr old YES 12 YERAR OLD is a pawn in a game. So please read a package insert and ask yourself why there has never been a study between vaccinated and unvaccinated and STOP being uneducated sheep following what you are told with no question. Who cares about this kid And who cares about your blog…. you are basic and best and you would think any adult would have better thongs to do with their time LIKE WATCH A CONGRESSIONAL HEARING WHEN THE CDC FLAT OUT LIES ABOUT SAFTEY AND EFFICACY OF VACCINES!!!


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